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The right windows and doors for every project 35 years of installing and recommending the right windows and doors replacement specialist based in Winnipeg for customers is a powerful track record for any company. It’s the kind of experience that customers can bank on when they work with Walters Custom Window Door Supplier in Winnipeg .

Top quality products and good service have resulted in many repeat customers over the years, says Walter Lasko , who owns and operates the company.We carry a wide variety of window options by leading Canadian manufacturers,including white or beige PVC with a number of exterior colours. We also have a metal clad exterior finish on our PVC windows in a much broader range of exterior colours, even a wood grain look. Various grill options, including simulated divided lite grills for that Heritage House project, will enhance your home’s appearance.
With our numerous glass options: Low-E coatings including Sun Stop argon-gas-filled air spaces and super insulating spacer bars, we will keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter at the same time.

Our door systems are of the highest-quality. Solid PVC frames with fiberglass door panels, including wood grain, can be any colour or be stained to look like wood and feature double weather stripping and ball bearing hinges. Hundreds of glass options allow us to always find a fit for your home. We also carry a spectacular line of door hardware by Emtek.

Call now for a free in-home consultation and estimate and talk to us about your
window and door repair work in Winnipeg and what financial help is available through Manitoba
Hydro’s Power Smart Residential Loan Program.

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